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Rescue Me
 14_valentines - (kcatlin)
08:17pm 06/07/2008
Kelly Grant posting in Fourteen Days of Valentines
Title: Rescue Me
Author/Artist: kcatlin
Pairing: Danny/Lindsay
Fandom: CSI: NY
Theme: 10. romance
Disclaimer: I do no own CSI: NY or CBS.
A/N: This was inspired by a picture posted on promptdujourand I realized it would also be ok for the 14_valentines comm.

When Lindsay Monroe was a little girl, she always dreamed that one day her knight would come and sweep her off her feet, just like in the fairytales. He would wear a velvet purple, gold embroidered suit jacket, wield a sword to fend off the demons and dragons that would block his path to her and he would ride a beautiful white Arabian horse.

Then when she was in high school her definition of a knight changed a little. He would still come on a horse but he would be wearing a western style button down, a cowboy hat and a pair of cowboy boots. And instead of rescuing her from the proverbial demons, he would rescue her from the demons that mentally plagued her, the demons created from the massacre of her friends.

Moving on to college, she completely gave up on any knight coming to her. By this time she learned that they didn’t exist. The world was plagued with pain and suffering. People with no respect for humankind, let alone themselves. Guys that thought the only purpose in life was sex and alcohol. She hadn’t become bitter, just more realistic.

Moving to New York, she was mentally prepared for the jerks that would cross her path. The partner she had been assigned, and man she shared her office with, Danny Messer, was just like all the guys she dealt with in college. He harassed her, humiliated her, and made her feel like she was less than what she was. Somehow his harassment turned into flirting, his attitude towards her softening, even resembling caring.

She chose to go undercover during one of their cases, the end result almost costing her her life. The first voice she heard was his, calling her name, the first thing she saw was him seeking her out, his strong arms wrapping around her making sure she was okay. And that scared her. Everything she thought she knew about him went out the window.

She had to go back home to put the guy away that killed her friends 15 years ago, she didn’t tell him she was leaving, and she just left to deal with her demons. During her testimony, when the faith she had in herself began to falter, the one dream she had for the first 18 years of her life came true.

Her knight showed up. He rode a Harley, wore motorcycle boots and a leather jacket, and had a very good sense of style. He looked a little worse for wear, but he was there, completely out of his city boy element, 3,000 miles from home. He came for her, just because.

And in that moment, she knew that he would be the man she spent the rest of her life with.

“You know before I meet you, I gave up on having a knight come and save me,” she murmured one night as they lay in bed, her head pillowed on his still muscular chest.

“In the 30 years I have known you Montana; you have never needed saving,” he kissed her head softly.  
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