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From the moderator
 14_valentines - (liana_bluestar)
11:11am 09/01/2010
The Emerald Warrior posting in Fourteen Days of Valentines

As of today, I am removing the claims list and all deadlines. What everyone can do now is write their favourite pairings and post at their leisure using the themes of the community.  All fandoms welcome. All original material welcome. The rest of the rules still apply. If you've asked for a claim, consider this your go-ahead with what you've asked for. Just post something here every now and again so I know people are still participating.

Thanks for partcipating and have fun!

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Just wanted to say...
04:55am 21/01/2010 (UTC)
The Matrix Refugee: YnM - Muraki Oriya and Ukyou
I found this comm while I was looking for something else, and I decided to give it a go. I know you've put up some of the chairs on the tables, so to speak, but it was exactly the comm I was looking for and the very fic challenge that I wanted to do, so... thanks for creating it, and I'll be sure to post some fics starting next month!
picword: YnM - Muraki Oriya and Ukyou
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