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Danny/Lindsay 04) party Pool Party
 14_valentines - (kcatlin)
05:26pm 26/07/2008
Kelly Grant posting in Fourteen Days of Valentines
Title: Pool Party
Author/Artist: kcatlin
Pairing: Danny/Lindsay
Fandom: CSI: NY
Theme: 04. party
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em.
A/N: This was written for 14_valentines
Tilting the longneck of the beer bottle to his lips, he felt the cold comforting liquid slip down his throat. He watched her, and the guy she brought with her, from across the pool. They were talking to Mac, Sid and his wife. Stella, Angell, Adam and Hawkes, where splashing around in the pool.
He saw the man’s hand resting on the swell of her bare bikini clad hip, pulling her close like he owned her. He saw her laugh and smile at the guy. That was supposed to be him.
“You a’ight, Mess?”
What was he supposed to say? Sure I’m fine watching some bastard with his hands all over my girl. “Yep,” he grumbled. She wasn’t his anymore though. He gave that up a few months ago. He fell in love with her. He had never felt anything like it before. It scared the shit out of him. So he stopped calling her, was cordial to her at work. He wasn’t supposed to fall in love, but apparently his heart didn’t get the memo.
 Finishing off the bottle of beer, “I’m goin’ for a walk.”
Lindsay snuggled into Jeff’s side, laughing at something Sid said. She turned her head to see Danny toss his bottle in the recycling bin and head out the front gate. She missed him. But he didn’t want anything to do with her romantically anymore. They had done exactly what he had said they would do. Spent some time together, had a few drinks, had a ton of laughs, had great sex. She had even fallen for him. But none of that mattered now. Now she had to move on with her life.
Awhile later
“Come on Lindsay,” Jeff slurred slightly. He was leaning her against the counter, groping at her breast.
“Your drunk,” she pushed him away.
“You’re a tease,” he spat back.
“Not a nice way to talk to a lady,” Don stepped, into the kitchen.
“Mind your business,” Jeff glared at him, turning around and trying to force his tongue down her throat.
She brought her knee up, hitting him in the crotch, “I said NO!”
Jeff doubled over trying to catch his breath, “Bitch!” he gasped.
Flack grabbed him by the shoulders, “See. Told you not a nice way to talk to a lady.”
Danny walked up the in time to see the front door open, and Flack pushing the guy Lindsay brought with her out the door.
“You really must be a moron. Thinking you are gonna act like that with a cop, in front of cops,” Don was saying.
Danny’s insides twisted and anger welled up in his chest, “If you hurt her…”
Don pushed the guy out into the road, and pushed Danny back towards the house, “Go check on Monroe,” he said calmly.
Danny didn’t know what the bastard had done, but if Don was throwing him out, then he must have done something bad, “If I see you near her again, I will kill you,” Danny promised.
Lindsay was in the kitchen pulling herself together, wrapping a sarong she had brought around her shoulders.
“I kinda liked seeing you without that on.”
“Danny,” she turned around.
“Did he hurt you?”
“I got him off me, before he could,” taking a deep breath, “I thought he was a good guy.”
Danny dropped his head and sighed. HE was supposed to be that good guy. HE was the one who was supposed to take care of her, make her feel safe and loved, “I love you, Lindsay.”
“Danny,” she gasped stunned, “You never said that before.”
“That’s because I’ma idiot.”
“But you love me?” she asked walking towards.
“Yeah,” he smiled softly, “I really do.”
“So do you think we could try again?”
“I hope so, because I can’t stand watching some other guy with his hands all over you,” he admitted.
She touched his face softly. Suddenly he bent down, grabbed her around the waist and threw her over his shoulder.
She giggled, “Danny put me down.”
He ran through the house, out to the pool and promptly jumped in.
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