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Given Up CSI: NY Danny Lindsay 06: Kisses; I love you with all my heart
 14_valentines - (kcatlin)
12:56pm 08/07/2008
Kelly Grant posting in Fourteen Days of Valentines
Title: Given Up     
Author/Artist: kcatlin
Pairing: Danny/Lindsay
Fandom: CSI: NY
Theme: 06. kisses; I love you with all of my heart
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em.
A/N: This was written for 14_valentines
His hands where on her, cupping her breasts softly, his thumbs brushing across the taut nubs under her lace bra. She moaned in response, arching in to his touch. Her hands moved up his muscular chest, his lips placing hot kisses along her neck, her eyes closed enjoying the sensations he was creating in her.
“Danny, make love to me,” she moaned softly.
Then just as soon as she said it her body stiffened, her eyes flying open.
Stepping back away from her, Derek breathed deeply running his hand over his face.
“I’m so..” she began in a shaky voice, her arm covering her chest.
He held up his hand to stop her, “Don’t. It’s okay, I gotta go anyway,” he said before pulling his clothes back on.
When he turned around he saw her curled up in a ball, her body shaking with tears. Running his hand down his face, he walked out the front door.
His heart was pounding hard against his chest, his feet pounding up the stairs. At first he was annoyed that little fucker Derek, would text him outside of work. That bastard was dating his girl, had been for about a month. Not that he had any say at all about the situation. He was the one who pushed her away, ending things.
But right now he just had to get up the stairs, that little fucker sent him a text message simply saying ‘Lindsay needs you’. He better not have hurt her, if he had he would have to answer to him. Reaching her floor, he sprinted to her door.
“Lindsay!” he yelled, pounding on the door. Then he heard muffled sobs. Taking a chance, he tried the door knob, mildly alarmed when it was unlocked. Pushing the door opened, he could clearly hear the sobbing now.
He fell to his knees next to her when he saw her rocking back and forth on the couch, her sobs rocking her. He looked her over assessing her for any physical injury, biting back the urge to scream because she was half naked and crying, relieved when he saw none. Touching her arm softly, “Lindsay.”
Her head snapped up, and just like a switch was turned off, she stopped crying, “Danny?”
“Hey, Montana,” he said softly, “did he hurt you?”
She stood up, forcing him to fall backward, quickly covering herself up with the nearest throw pillow, “What are you doing here?”
“That fuck…. Derek sent me a text saying you needed me,” he said standing up, “And then I got here and you were crying.”
“This is all your fault,” she spat at him, her arm swinging out with the pillow, smacking him with it, “Here I have this great guy who wants me,” still swinging the pillow, “who treats me right. But then all I can think about is you,” she sobbed.
Danny stood there, letting her hit him with the pillow, until she began to sob, “I’m sorry, baby,” then he gathered her in his arms.
“We were so happy,” she sobbed into his chest fisting his shirt, “I loved you Danny!”
“I love you,” he whispered kissing her head, he bent down and swept her off her feet.
“Then why did leave me?” she finally calmed down enough to actually hear him. He set down on the couch, letting her pillow her head on his shoulder.
Danny realized this was it, time to tell her why he stopped calling. Why he stopped being nothing more than cordial with her at work.
“I’ve got a fucked up past, Montana,” he smoothed his hand over her hair, “When I realized that we were more than dinner, a few drinks and some laughs, I got scared. Scared that you would see me for the punk I am. Realize that you could do so much better than me.”
“Maybe I can,” she admitted softly, “But I want you.”
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